Terminal 1

Terminal 1 is a terminal (a place of termination and transit) for cultural practices with transformative effects.  Imaginary at the moment, it’s another cafe for contemporary art combined with bike locker imagined for the foot of the cambie, at 8515 Cambie, in South Vancouver, BC.  For more info see the About page.

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Last year while hunting for spaces to put in a cafe for contemporary art, I was looking for neighbourhoods that were not yet established but on the cusp of some sort of transformation or emergence, places where the ruts of cultural tendency were not fully ground out, a neighbourhood where a new thinking gathering place would be of fair contribution.  One of the neighbourhoods that caught my eye was South Cambie, actually the space all along the Fraser down Kent Road from Oak Street all the way to Boundary.  With so many large swaths of waterfront land sitting empty and unused, the area is bound to be confronted with a development urge.  It won’t be left to simply sit idle.

So with the whole swath in mind, the area between where Cambie meets Marine and where it meets Kent, the home of the first Canada Line stop in Vancouver struck me as an interesting place where shifting habits could contribute to a renewed imagination.  There drivers who never biked to transit but always dreamed of a life where that was possible could realistically come to leave their bikes and ride a train to work.  It would be a good place to couple the transition from bike to train (secure bike parking, lockers, showers etc.) with amazing espresso and experimental artistic practice that challenged a more thoughtful, forward thinking imagining of urban settlement in the Fraser River delta while generally nuturing the community with stimulations of the heart and mind.  That is Terminal 1.  We’ll see what happens.  Current site of desire: 8515 Cambie.